About Treatment

Treatment tool
I mainly use special plastic tips and tapping them for your treatment.
And I use very short and thin needles with tape (Pyonex) .
So you don’t feel pain,but you’ll get remarkable effect !!


I’ll give you not only treatment but also self-care method (moxibustion, exercises, and dieting etc.) for you getting healthy faster.

Method of my treatment
I carry out an operation mainly to your  arms, legs and head for any disease.

But I want to check the state of the affected part directly.
So please come in clothes to see the affected part directly.

When I think you need exchanging clothes, you can get clothes for treatment for free.

Flow of my treatment
1.Fill out the intake form
Please write your major complaint, constitution, surgery and accidents etc.

I ask you detailed questions about your symptoms.

3.Medical examination
I check your condition by motion in the case of an exercise device disease and palpation in the case of an inner organ disease.

4.Explanation before the treatment
Based on imfomations from the interview and medical examination, I explain your condition and treatment.

Checking your symptoms changing, I take you acupuncture, moxibustion and massage.

6.Explanation after the treatment
I explain changes can happen to you after the treatment, and teach you exercises and dieting etc.